Shushou-e is a Buddhist service that has been performed since the Nara Period,
and the Kichijo Keka service is held with Kichijoten (goddess of fortune, happiness and prosperity) as its principal image.
Keka is a Buddhist service that is held to reflect on one’s conscious
and unconscious sins and to pray for universal peace, plentiful crops, and good luck.
Originally, hatsumoude (the traditional New Year’s visit to a temple or a shrine) was an event
that involved worshipping Kichijoten at the start of a new year while reflecting on the events
of the previous year, praying for a happy new year, and determining one’s way of life.


Shuni-e is held in spring, and it is an event where ten monks called Rengyoshu pray for universal peace, national prosperity, and lives of joyful affluence for everyone.
Period: March 25–31


Genjo Ennichi

5th of each month

1:00 pm Genjo Ennichi Service
2:00 pm Howa by Otani Tetsujo (chief officer)

Yakushi Ennichi

8th of each month

11:00 am Daihannyakyo Tendoku Service
1:00 pm Howa by Kato Choin (chief abbot)

Miroku Ennichi

3rd Sunday of each month

11:00 am Miroku Ennichi Service

* The lecturer for each Howa is subject to change.